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Bio: ◆Our History
HENAN YUXIN TOOLS CO.,LTD Has been devoting to the production and business of measuring tools and insulated tools for two decades since its establishment in 1998.
◆Our Factory
The factory covers the production area of 54000 square meters,well-experienced staff and strict quality system ensures the superior quality and satisfactory services during all purchasing and sales procedure.
◆Our Product
◆Product Application
Building and decoration
◆Our Certificate
Yuxin Tools successively got the approval of MID\ISO 9001\VDE covering measuring tools and insulated tools since 2011.
◆Production Equipment
Accuracy Tester, Micro-v Icrers,Measurement Instrument ,Sand Flusing,Pullout Test Machine,Digital Torque Tester,Salt Spray Test, Digital Metal And Chemical Material ,Insulation Detector
◆Production Market
Almost 85% of our products are selling to European countries and Latin-America market more than 50 countries and regions due to the reliable quality and professional services.
◆Our service
Pre-sale:Introduce product knowledge, help customers understand products, increase product knowledge. Sale:Respect the customer, take the initiative to provide a complete solution for the user After sale:Providing users with a variety of services designed to make products work as they should and to facilitate customers.Surveyor Steel Measuring Tape
Sex: Undisclosed